20-250 vehicles

Our most popular solution for your fleet size

Operating Lease

Lease your vehicles for an agreed amount and term, and at the end of the lease, providing the vehicle meets the fair wear and tear guidelines, you can simply return the vehicle to us.

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Fully Maintained package

We can look after every aspect of running your fleet, from purchase through to disposal.

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Or you can customise your own package with our range of services

Vehicle Service & Maintenance
Tyres Management
Vehicle Acquisition
Remarketing & Disposal
Customer Reporting
FBT Reporting
Vehicle Rego & CTP Renewal
Fines Management*
Roadside Assistance
E-Tag Management
Fuel Cards
Glass repairs
Vehicle inspections

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*Please note that Fines Management may only be included in conjuction with Vehicle Registration & CTP Renewal.

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Effortless convenience

We take on all the behind-the-scenes work, from sourcing vehicles to negotiating vehicle prices, saving you time and effort. You name it; we’ve got it covered — from fuel cards to accident support, and everything in between.

The Volkswagen Group promise

If you’re in the market for a Volkswagen, Škoda or Audi, you’ll enjoy a generous discount on the price of your new car. Plus with any of our fleet solutions, you’ll get the exceptional value, service and reliability you’d expect from our brands.

Surprising affordability

By offering great rates, flexible terms and finance for 100% of the vehicle price, we can make sure you’re driving each dollar further. Plus, if you choose a lease, we claim GST when buying your vehicles (and in some cases, even your operating costs!), so it won’t be charged to you as part of your repayments.

We have solutions for vehicles of all makes, shapes and sizes.

We love Volkswagen Group vehicles, but we know that in some cases other brands’ vehicles might meet your business needs better. Buying a different make of car doesn’t mean you have to miss out on our expertise though - we can help you with solutions on virtually any vehicle, or mix of vehicles, you might be interested in.

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